When you put your home on the market you show a bit of yourself to the world and, naturally, you want it to look its best.

A good estate agent will offer advice on how to maximise the potential of each room so that, when the photographer comes calling to capture your pride and joy for the marketing brochure, they will ensure they do you and your home proud.

However, one hapless estate agent showed how not to showcase a property after posting pictures that make it look less like a million dollars and more like ten bob.

Potential buyers quickly took to social media to mock the images of the dingy rooms, strewn with litter, discarded bottles of booze and empty boxes.

One said the four-bedroom ‘mid-terrace townhouse with attached garage in a popular residential area of Glenrothes’ looked more like a ‘crack den’ than a family home.

To be fair, the property was being advertised for auction which could mean it is a repossession so the previous owner may not have been around to make it look spic and span.    

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t have taken much to clear the rooms of abandoned belongings, including old clothes and trainers, strewn everywhere as well as empty beer cans and even a bowl of petfood. With a guide price of £65,000, it’s the least they could have done.

As one viewer, who clearly had a sense of humour, posted on Facebook: ‘Just needs a wee tidy up.’

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