Purdie & Co – Coronavirus policy (COVID-19)


Purdie & Co would like to reassure our clients that we are endeavouring to follow the advice of the UK Government and the Scottish Government on the coronavirus COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It is very hard for a small office such as ourselves doing what we do with a lot of reliance on being in the office to perform our services- accessing files, printers, telephones etc.. There is only so much we can do by working remotely, although if that becomes essential we will endeavour to carry on providing the services we offer to all clients.


Our priority above all else is the safety and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and clients and, while we are determined to continue trading and operating in as normal a way as possible, it is very possible that we may have to make some adjustments to our interaction with clients and others as the situation develops.


At this time we aim to keep the office open during normal working hours and to maintain the service as close to normal as we can. Given we only have a small number of staff we will need to monitor the situation and if that position changes we will try to contact existing clients directly. If we have to change our hours of service we would also leave an appropriate out of office message on e-mails, an information message on our telephone service and a note on the outside of the office whilst closed advising clients and others as to how to contact us. We will definitely continue our work somehow at all times whether or not we are able to open the office, but clients will need to understand that we may need to take unusual steps to continue our business at this highly unusual time. We will always do our best to keep our clients happy and to complete all work required of us no matter what the situation may be.


While maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and personal responsibility, we are required to take precautionary measures when arranging property valuations, viewings and other in office appointments.


As such, we may ask you a series of pre-qualifying questions prior to arranging any face-to-face meetings. Where meetings do take place, we will maintain a safe social distance, in line with government recommendations, and we will take all other necessary measures to avoid the risk of infection. We would ask you to do the same and to alert us to any exposure you may have had or symptoms that may relate to the virus.


Property Valuations

Should any of our customers or anyone they live with be self-isolating, we regret that we cannot attend your property to undertake an appraisal. However, we would be delighted to make an appointment to conduct an appraisal via Whatsapp or Facetime in order that you can receive the appropriate information. Alternatively, we would be happy to rebook a face to face appointment once you are out of self-isolation. During valuations, our staff have been instructed to not shake hands and The Scottish Government has recommended introducing social distancing measurers of at least 2 metres. We have instructed our staff to observe these recommendations.


Property Viewings

If we are to arrange viewings of any property we can ask the prospective viewer to confirm that they have not got any symptoms and are not aware of having any contact with someone who may have the virus. We cannot control the position as regards anyone visiting a property at an open viewing where we have not had contact with them.


Office Appointments

Anyone attending any of our offices for an appointment regardless of the reason for their visit may be asked to confirm that they are not symptomatic or have been in close contact with someone who is symptomatic. If they have, unfortunately the appointment cannot proceed.

Similarly, where the public attend any of our offices, we ask that they not shake hands with any member of staff and observe a reasonable social distance.


Property Visits and visits outside the office

Prior to any visit our staff will either wash their hands, put on disposable gloves or use hand sanitiser. We would ask clients to assist us by leaving all internal doors open to minimise the number of surfaces being touched. Upon leaving each property, our staff and contractors will either wash their hands or use hand sanitiser.


To reiterate, if any of the following applies to you, please do not go ahead with a viewing, whether you are a viewer or a seller.

  • You have been diagnosed with coronavirus;
  • You have returned from any of the following Category 1 or Category 2 countries in the past 14 days;
  • You are currently self-isolating;
  • You are currently exhibiting any of the following symptoms: a high temperature or a new continuous cough.

For more information and guidance about how to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading Coronavirus, please check the following link to the NHS website.