Edinburgh has been named Scotland’s most desirable place to move to – and one of the most desirable in the UK – with online property searches in the city continuing to boom.

As restrictions ease, demand for city life appears to be returning, according to a new survey which showed that, while demand for new homes in commuter towns in East and West Lothian holds up, city properties have been topping property portal searches once again.

Some of the most popular areas include Gilmerton and Liberton, thanks to their affordability and locations. House hunters in these areas are looking for homes with an office, garden, and lots of natural light.

Edinburgh was named Scotland’s most popular city to move to and the fourth in the UK, behind Liverpool, Birmingham, and Manchester, with people looking to move out of city centre flats and apartments and into homes with garden space, the report said.

Meanwhile, Scotland remains the best places in the UK to sell, with a higher than usual proportion of homes on sale finding a buyer.

More than 13m listings were analysed between 2012 and 2020 – from when they first came onto the market to being listed as sold, subject to contract – with an 89% success rate north of the border, compared with 68% across the UK.

The top 10 places where people were most likely to successfully sell their home are all in Scotland, with the top three being Falkirk, East Dunbartonshire and South Lanarkshire - all over 90%.

Outside of Scotland the top three were Sheffield, Craven and Chorley – all just over 80% – while areas with the lowest sales rate were Westminster (22%), Kensington & Chelsea (25%) and Camden (28%).

Struan Douglas, Managing Director of Purdie & Co, said: “Edinburgh remains an incredibly popular place to buy a property, both with people who are from the city and also among those looking to move to a new location.

“As well as attracting some of the UK’s top professionals, it also offers great quality of life with its natural and built heritage, great facilities and transport links and easy access to the countryside.

“During lockdown and when Covid restrictions were in place, we saw the beginnings of a shift among some people looking to move out of city centre flats and apartments and into homes with garden space.

“However, with things returning to normal, it seems that city centre properties are now coming back into vogue, according to search behaviours.

“Either way, there is something for everyone in Edinburgh, no matter what stage you are at in your life and career.” 

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