Before putting your property on the market you need to make sure that it is presented as well as it can be. This may mean doing those D.I.Y. jobs that you have been putting off, de-cluttering as much as possible or perhaps improving décor or lighting. Any good solicitor estate agent should be able to assist you with advice in this regard prior to marketing your property.

Make sure that you research which solicitor estate agent you are to use. Ask for personal recommendations from friends or colleagues, look at examples of other properties they have on the market to check the quality of the marketing materials, ask for a detailed quotation and a pre-sale valuation/meeting to discuss what they would do if they were to market your property for you. Remember that it is unwise to decide who to use on price alone. Choose a professional service and excellent marketing over price (whether high or low)- selling your property for the best price possible and as quickly as possible is more important than saving a little on fees in return for a poor service resulting in a far lower sale price or longer sales process.

Ask for advice from your solicitor estate agent about the current state of the market and when it would be best to begin marketing. The first few weeks of marketing are the most important and it is vital to make sure that your property hits the market at the right time and that it is ready for looking its best from the outset. Take advice on when to have open viewings and viewings by appointment. If you are able to do so try to have distractions like pets or children away from the home during viewing times.

Ask your solicitor for details of what payments you need to make up front and during the course of the transaction. Also ask what information they need from you - they will require suitable identification and details of your mortgage provider, so try to provide those details as soon as possible. Take advice from your solicitor estate agent as regards asking price. Keep in touch with your solicitor estate agent and ask them to obtain
feedback from viewers. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions or for further advice during the sales process.

Struan Douglas is Managing Director at Purdie & Co solicitors and estate agents who are based
in Haymarket. He has been giving advice to people buying and selling in Edinburgh and the rest
of Scotland for 24 years and is very familiar with the important decisions that need to be made
when you decide to sell a property. He knows that there are a variety of matters to consider and
appreciates that it can be a bit of a minefield if you do not consider choices carefully.