Purdie & Co Will provision- special offer until 30th April

Until 30th April we are pleased to offer clients a discounted fee for assisting with completion of a Simple Will. By simple we mean one that does not require specialist advice on Inheritance tax planning, trusts etc. and one where there are no more than 8 mentioned beneficiaries.

Single Will            £100 + VAT = £120 (down from £180)

2 Similar Wills    £140 + VAT = £168 (down from £234)

Everyone should have a Will to avoid complications that may occur if someone were to pass away, but many people keep putting it off.

Please also note that, if you prefer, we can do most or sometimes all of the work remotely if you are not able or wanting to come to the office. We have ways of checking ID remotely (for £20 per person) and you would just need to find a witness who can sign the final version of the Will before returning it to us. We do however hope to remain open as usual throughout this time period, so if you can come to the office that is fine too (and we can provide the witness and check ID here).

Please contact us on Tel: 0131 346 7240 or e-mail: secretary@purdiesolicitors.co.uk and we can advise you on the various options available.